Instructions on How to Install Tile Floor Molding

It doesn't really matter what type of flooring you are installing the important thing is to pay special attention to the hole between the wall and the flooring. You are probably aware of the fact that some types of tile flooring really need a definite amount of space in this place but in most cases it is not needed at all. Even if the space is required it should be narrow enough for installing the floor molding.

When installing tile floor molding it is important to consider that the point where a finish is applied to the mold is the best. You can prime the mold after it is cut to length. Then you can apply a final coat after its installation. But how to install tile floor molding you may ask? Further you're offered a few instructions that are supposed to be of great help for you in this kind of project. Be careful to thoroughly follow each of them.

1 Take the right measurement of the distance between the corner of one wall and the other corner of this very wall. Mark the tile floor molding according to this measurement. The mold can be cut with the electric miter saw. This action should be repeated with the opposite wall.

2 Locate the electric miter saw on the angle of 45 degrees. Then using this saw cut an inside corner on the end of a floor tile mold. Take the measurements of one of the walls that remained in the same manner as it is described in Step 1.

3 Put the end of your measuring tape on the end of the tile mold that you have cut in Step 2. Mark it according to the measurements you have taken in Step 2. Locate the electric miter saw on the angle of 45 degrees opposite from Step 2 and then carefully cut the floor tile mold.

4 Cut out the bevel that was created by the saw in the previous step. You can do it with a coping saw. The front edge of the cut will serve you a guide to cut the profile of the tile mold. Now you'll need to repeat the instructions given in Step 2 through Step 4 for the fourth wall.

5 Place the studs in the wall with the help of a stud finder. Mark the walls with a pencil in a light manner. Now the two pieces of tile floor molding can be installed with the eight nails that have a penny finish. Further, you need to install the two pieces in Steps 2 - 4 in the upper described manner. Putty or caulk any gaps which created at the places of the tile floor molding meetings.

There also some other tips and warnings for you to consider when installing tile floor. First of all, it is recommended to practice dealing with the coping saw before starting to cut the tile floor molding.

You're advised to drill pilot holes with the help of a 1/16-inch drill bit, particularly if the tile floor mold is produced from oak. In this way, your installation process will be easier.

Finally, you should avoid leaving power tools unattended.

Now when you know how to install tile floor, get to the project as soon as you prepare the necessary tools and materials. Good luck!